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Web App Testing

Web Application Testing is a software testing technique that is used for the testing of applications on the web. The usability and the functionality of the web application are being tested and involves use of various types of software automation testing tools which helps in the evaluation of performance of the website.

Our team at Lahagora helps in fixing such websites by taking care of the deployment, navigation features, web security, broken links and other potential risks. We help in maintaining the quality of your website and reduce any risks associated with it.

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Stages of Web Application Testing

  1. Functionality Testing
  2. Usability testing
  3. Interface testing
  4. Compatibility testing
  5. Performance testing
  6. Security testing

How to Perform Test on Website Application

  1. Rigorously carrying out cross-browser compatibility testing
  2. Define and select key parameters for usability tests
  3. Execute performance tests under various conditions
  4. Apply tests to all elements, third-party, and extensions of the web app
  5. Ensure load tests are incrementally performed
  6. Incorporate exploratory testing into the software development lifecycle
  7. Keep URL strings unalterable in security tests
  8. Involve the development team throughout the testing process