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Unity 3D Game Development

Unity is a very vital, flexible and unique development platform that is used for the creation of the 2D and 3D games. Where the Unity 3D is a very powerful cross-platform 3D engine and user friendly. Unity helps the game developers to create 3D game applications for the web, mobile devices and desktop.

Lahagora has a team of expert game developers who can create games with Unity 3D with a team of certified Unity programmers. We have developed exciting and fun cross-platform games for the other organizations and users all around the globe. We specialize in Unity 3D Game Development Services building fine games across the different platforms and technologies for our clients.

We help in making the development cycle of the game building an easy and smooth process where our game designers designs the best games to highly engage the audience. We aid the game building dream of our clients by turning them into reality delivering 2D and 3D games. Our game developers team ensures a great quality by following a global quality standards for AAA games.

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What We Offer

UI/UX design
HD game development with beautiful interface design using hand drawn sketches & UI references for UX visualization.
Unity 3D & 2D art
Conceptualize game architecture with various visual elements such as characters, objects & animations.
Unity Character design
Realistic and captivating gaming storyline with our creative character designers and sketch artists.
Virtual Reality
VR games for various platform with 3D character and realistic environments that are compliant with VR headsets.
Augmented Reality
Integration of visuals and audio with the user’s environment in real time for an augmented gaming experience.
Multiple Genres
Creating addicting games in genres like kids games, puzzles, kids academy app, musical gaming, adventure, racing etc.

Unity 3D Game Development Life Cycle

Unity 3D Game Development Life Cycle

Why Choose Unity 3D for Game Development?

Our Unity game studio aids in meeting all your user requirements and project needs on time with the help of the suitable technology. Unity is the engine that helps in regularly updating the games with modified and updated features and is also suitable for your project.
You must choose the Unity as the game building platform as it is the real-time 3D platform that can serve your all goals of gaming solution. It is also an engine that offers unlimited gaming solutions for any project that can be developed for the web, consoles, mobile and PCs.
Our highly experienced Unity developers specializes in building realistic and highly interactive gaming experience through the Unity 3D platform.
Our Unity programmers create customizable multiplayer games using JavaScript/C# programming, cloud-enabled tools, libraries, and Unity Editor.
Our professional Unity developers utilizes C# programming to create custom 2D animations, 2.5D isometric game designs, and 3D game assets.

Advantages of Unity 3D Game Development

Unity 3D is an all in one platform for the game development which has managed to gain the attention of the gamed developers with it’s attractive features, pricing structure and competitive advantage. It is also used as a cross-platform app development tool and the final product (game) that is created using this Unity 3D offers a great user experience. It offers high quality 3D images which makes it superior than the options.
Some of the advantages of Unity 3D game development are :-
1) Platform Support
Unity provides an excellent cross-platform support and this has also simplified the complete process and made the game easy to use in comparison to the previous times.
2) Technical Support
The technical support for Unity is efficient as they are highly skilled people who are in charge of providing such support. They can be easily relied for any technical issues.
3) User friendly
Unity is very easy to use when compared to the other technologies and is also much less complicated.
4) Cost
The cost is very less when compared to all its other competitors. Cost efficiency is one of the main advantages of using Unity.
5) Debugging
The investigating and tweaking is incredibly simpler with Unity game improvement since all the game factors are shown during ongoing interaction, enabling the engineers to troubleshoot the procedure at runtime.