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Fire TV Application Development

If you are willing to get your Fire TV app customized, newly designed and developed and to get them launched into the Amazon App Store then we are the sole solution to it. We are offering the most valuable and cost efficient service of building apps for the Fire Tv at an affordable price.

Lahagora provides a fully customized application as per your business requirements and clients needs which shall be easy to handle and user friendly. Your Amazon Fire TV shall have all the important supported features which makes your search free of interruptions and easy access and switching of channels and many more features like this.

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Our Fire TV Application Development Services

We as an IT expert and app development company shall provide full aid and support for developing your brand on the Fire TV Platform. If you are seeking for spreading your media content then Fire TV shall support you on this and such an opportunity shall be considered as golden. Our development team at Lahagora has high level of expertise when it comes to developing apps with unique features and properties. Our company have already launched hundreads of apps online serving strings of customers and providing customer support service on time. We provide the best framework and tools for your app development to reach your viewers across the globe through your content. We have discussed below some of the very unique features provide by our company in the Fire TV app development.

Our Unique Features of Fire TV and it’s Applications

Some of the most unique features of Fire TV that is highly catering to the needs of the customers and helping it stand out in the market giving tough competition to it’s competitors are :-
Fire TV has an Alexa powered voice recognition device in the remote control.
In addition to Amazon Prime Video, Fire TV has access to thousands of streaming channels, streaming music like Spotify, and even games.
Because Fire TV is an Amazon product, it emphasizes Amazon services. You certainly have full access to other channels and apps, but Amazon emphasizes its own services, like Prime Video and Prime Music, by default when you look for content.
Fire TV is an Amazon product that provides the Amazon services providing access to channels and apps and also of the other channels.
While other streaming players may or may not include voice control but Fire TV has voice control built into every Fire TV model using Alexa.

  1. We provide advanced app framework and stunning Amazon Fire TV Apps for branding the client’s business
  2. Fully customized apps Fully customized apps
  3. Highly skilled team of App Developers
  4. Flexible & reliable services
  5. Own research & development team
  6. Reliable and skilled testers
  7. Affordable pricing structure
  8. Technical Support, 24/7

Fire TV Application Development Life Cycle

FIre TV App Development Life Cycle

What language are fire TV apps written in?

It is based on Java and uses Android Studio, Gradle, and other tools common to Android development.

Benefits of Fire TV App Development

Better control over content
The Fire TV is plugged into the HDMI port and connected to the internet connection. This helps in using the Alexa Voice recognition remote which controls the content easily on Fire Tv apps without even the need of touching it. You have a complete control over the channels viewed, location of the device, media type making easy playing of the content from a remote location.
High content visibility
The Fire TV apps demonstrates high definition pictures with HDR and 4K Ultra HD quality with no buffering of content, clear display and high quality sound. This gives the viewer an experience of watching movies like in the theatres.
Increase in viewership
The Fire TV is well equipped with streaming of social media sites, music, channels, movies etc but some of these may not be accessed for free.
Easy Monetization
Monetize your growing viewership with multiple revenue streams, using the largest variety of tools on the market.