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Apple TV Application Development

Lahagora is an Apple TV Application Development company that ensures a high quality video content for the viewers across the devices.

An Apple Tv is a box device that can turn any type of TV into a streaming device. It streams the videos, games, music and other type of apps from the internet. The Apple TV comes in two different types of models called Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD supporting videos of different quality.

We can optimize your application for Siri remote to gain complete control over the iOS mobile devices. With this application we can interact with Apple TV using a keyboard or touch. We shall develop an app that has multiple features like the Tv shows, music, video games, podcasts and is easy to interact. We can provide the perfect UI design and user experience to make users feel as though they're interacting directly with the screen.

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Our Apple TV Application Development Services

At Lahagora we intend to provide an end-to-end Apple TV app development services to our customers. Our app developers have expertise in developing brand new or customized already existing apple tv app which delivers entertainment, lifestyle, shopping experience to the clients. From the past more than a decade we have been successfully thriving in the in the field of OTT platform for different devices. We are consistently making our clients satisfied and happy with our Apple TV box which has amazing features and provides extraordinary user experience.
We are known for developing some of the greatest and unique Apple TV apps and provide end to end solution for your needs at an affordable price in the market. We are extremely customer oriented in our approach when it comes to delivery of services and assist the businesses in building their brand through their own apple tv app.

Our Unique Features of Apple TV Applications

  1. Our Apple TV Development services includes planning, development of strategy, designing, development and testing of app.
  2. Our expert team of app developers delivers a great experience to the customers where the designers works on wire-framing and UI/UX design.
  3. They also develop simple or either complex customized Apple TV Apps and publish apps on Apple store only after the complete removal of all the bugs during the testing phase.
  4. We complete the app development process by finally submitting the app to App store for review.

Apple TV Application Development Life Cycle

Apple TV App Development Life Cycle

What language are Apple TV apps written in?

Swift is a robust programming language that has been created by Apple to build apps for Apple TV, Mac, Apple Watch, iOS. It is easy to use and open source with an idea to create something unique.

Benefits of Apple TV App Development

Apple TV app has transformed our way of looking at digital platform streaming of content which has many exciting opportunities for the users. This enables audio and video streaming content on the OTT platforms and TV. We provide custom built and white labelled apps that can be integrated into the existing system. With our services the users can now play games and watch shows and movies and capitalize the Apple TV App Development. The Apple technologies are shaping the future of business. Employees can review designs remotely with augmented reality, monitor industrial equipment with machine learning or simplify routines with on‑device intelligence and Siri.