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Smart TV Application Development

We at Lahagora build and develop smart tv app development services for our valuable clients. Smart TV app development is constantly proving out to be a platform of consumer engagement. We have facilitated the experience of users by positively influencing their life with entertainment after the pandemic was hit. The OTT service market has significantly led to the various streaming companies to grow by introducing new innovations brought by the increasing demand for Smart TV Apps development. With the growing internet needs the smart TV, mobile, and 5G infrastructure are set to boost the streaming marketplace fueled with original content production.
We Quickly build set-top apps without having to worry about content management, ingestion, or transcoding. You shall get every possible assistance required during your smart tv app development.

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Our Smart TV Application Development Services

Our smart tv app development can aid you in promoting and reaching out to potential customers in the market and improving the visibility of your app. These smart tv apps shall offer you with video on demand, live streaming and Tv commerce facilities enhancing your business growth. TVs have become slimmer and efficient where our app developers are coming up with the solution to the viewers with easy scrolling of their favorite content. We provide fully customized app which shall assist in making things easy to use with speed. We provide the below mentioned OTT application development services :-

Samsung Smart TV App Development

With Samsung’s home built Tizen TV operating system it is known as the world’s largest television streaming app development platform. It has been the global market leader since the year 2005 and since then they have been servicing for 15 consecutive years. Now Samsung smart TV apps can be installed & run on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu with the assistance of Tizen Studio.

LG Smart TV application development

When counted as one of the major brands in smart TV development companies, which is consumer-driven LG TV app development can provide your viewers with a functional solution adapted to their own visions of the Smart app incorporating OTT and VOD capabilities. You can ensure that an LG TV app is a pioneering choice for your streaming needs.  The resolution, design & viewing environment is kept in mind while developing LG Web OS apps which makes the UX clear & well-navigational.

Our Unique Features of Smart Tv App Development

These are some of the unique features of our smart tv app development are:-
  1. Accessing the different type of content on a single device.
  2. Easy search of content by the user and giving them a hassle free experience in entertainment by delivering the exact content as per the choice of the viewers.
  3. Tapping the recommendations section can help you shortlist content that is based on preferences and your past content history.
  4. You can easily share your content with others without any interruption.
  5. Smart app developments contains a self-help guide section to help the users resolve some of the most common and easy issues on their own.

Our Unique Features of Smart Tv App Development

What Language are Smart TV Apps written in?

The most popular languages to develop smart TV apps include: HTML/CSS/JavaScript. XML.

Smart TV Application Development Lifecycle

Smart Tv App Development Life Cycle

Benefits Of Launching A Smart TV App

Smart TV Apps helps the users to transmit their web content through the Tv screens providing value and scope to the developers. These amazing smart tv apps can make searching, connecting and viewing on the TV and easy task ensuring convenience in use to the users.
Some of the benefits of a Smart Tv App Development are:-
1) Use centric approach
The smart tv is designed in such a way so that it can be used with a user centric approach where he can get used to it. It must not have a complex design and such device must be compatible enough with a remote controller with minimalistic features. This would make it convenient for the users to use the smart tv app conveniently.
2) Personalized secured data
The smart tv app has personalized data related tot he user history, user’s preferences or choice of views, browsing patterns which helps in reiterating the previously watched content.
3) Remote Control Compatibility
All the Smart TVs have the excellent feature of navigation the targeted content with the help of the smart remote control.
4) Secured information
The smart tv application is worthy of safeguarding your data and providing security to it which aids in gaining the trust and loyalty of the user.
5) Multi-device with multi-lingual support
The users can access the content in every device with a single subscription. It supports the multiple languages making it a personalized experience for the users as they can switch to their regional languages.
6) Effective Voice Searches
Users have started using the digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant or Amazon Echo. You can now integrate some of these to enhance UX & enable voice searches with commands for your users.