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Effective OTT Streaming Solutions for Our Valuable Clients!

Our OTT streaming solutions allow businesses to reach more customers and broaden their reach. As the demand for online content continues to rise, with the growing popularity of online content, companies must stay on top of the latest technologies to ensure their customers get the most immersive streaming experience possible.

That is why we have created effective OTT solutions for our valued clients. Our streaming solutions allow content to be accessed from any device conveniently and flexibly. We prioritize security and reliability, ensuring that our solutions are secure and reliable, allowing your viewers to stream your content confidently.

Our streaming solutions include features such as streaming optimization, CDN (content delivery networks), video encoding, and more. Our clients are given access to a comprehensive analytics platform, allowing them to gain insight into their streaming performance.

Our team of specialists is available to help our clients make the most out of their streaming services.

Why Should You Choose OTT Video Streaming Solution Over You Tube For Your Business ?

We will discuss how OTT Video streaming platform is better than You tube as video streaming platform and some of the reasons why a business must opt for OTT video streaming or hosting platform are :

Halts During the Video Streaming

Youtube is a free video hosting platform that has advertisements generating revenue. The viewers shall also encounter many ads as a result of this which can also be from the side of the business competitor as there is no control over the content that the users are viewing. The ads depend upon the user’s previous experience, which is controlled by YouTube’s algorithms. 

While in the OTT apps, the business has full control over what they want to show viewers. Although video OTT apps also have advertisements as a revenue stream it is entirely optional and depends upon subscription/plan as the viewers have the option to eliminate ads totally.

Scope of Revenue Generation

A video streaming platform, Youtube has only advertisements for revenue-generating while an OTT platform has ample opportunities to generate revenue in different ways. Businesses in different genres can think of ideas to generate revenue, without having to be dependent on ads to support the business financially.

Mediums for Business Branding

A YouTube channel has restricted ways to the branding the business. It is a video hosting platform that provides fewer options to customize the brand channel in comparison to the OTT platform. It gives the option to add a brand logo, cover image, and an about us section to promote the youtube channel which is not considered enough for large businesses to do their branding. The more the branding, the more the probability of gaining viewership on the videos.

While an OTT platform in businesses can help in the different ways to do their branding. There are different placements in an app that can be wisely utilized to promote a brand ensuring a user experience.

Analytics and Reporting

When a YouTube channel is created for video streaming it allows businesses to have updates, such as watch time, audience retention, live streaming details, demographics, revenue reports, etc. in small businesses, these reports might be enough but in mid-sized and large enterprises more statistics are required to keep up with brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Analytics plays a significant role in the continuous improvement of a business.

OTT apps can be integrated with in-app analytics tools that give a bird-eye view of how an app and its users interact with each other. Depending upon how deep analysis of users has to be done, a relevant analytics tool can be chosen that helps to analyze the gaps in user interface and experience so that appropriate action is taken on time.

Our Video Streaming Platform Development Services

Our video streaming development services are:

Custom Platform Development

Development of custom video streaming platforms and integration with 360-degree players, streaming servers, encoders, storages & databases using AWS, Wowza & Akamai CDN systems.

Streaming Broadcast Integration

Custom broadcasting solutions to stream live events to Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform. Watermark your stream with your company’s branding and implement integrated analytics for performance review.

API Integration

Integration of 3rd party services and APIs such as monetization, payments, billing, custom or third-party analytics, multi-CDN approach and syndication, integration with CMS, MAP, CRM, LMS, domain, IP, and geo-restriction, etc.

Video Analytics Integration

Integration of analytic tools to monitor Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) to analyze how content performs across audiences, destinations, and devices.

Application Maintenance & Support
Ensuring your application is up-to-date with the latest technologies and features requires regular maintenance and support services.
Choose us for your OTT solution and get access to everything you need to boost your market reach. Our platform offers multi-channel content delivery, ensuring you reach the widest audience possible.
  • Upload in bulk & manage your content in one centralized dashboard with OTT video CMS allowing you to schedule your content.
  • With content streaming limitlessly through the browser, mobile apps, and smart TV, we deliver videos regardless of location and time.
  • Encrypt content with Multi-DRM, AES Encryption protocols, screenshot prevention & password protection against digital breaches.
  • We derive insights with advanced video analytics platforms to measure the performance & user engagement of your video content.