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Technical Support

Our customer support team has technical expertise which is an additional service provided by us over the call to help the customers to solve issues by using a computer. While most of the companies today have outsourced the technical support operations due to pressure of workload.

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IT Maintenance

We provide an end to end IT solutions to your business to help in achieving the long term goals and productivity. Our systems and software are highly maintained and qualified to serve the needs of your organization and shall cause you no loss in terms of finance. Our 24/7 support service shall help you achieve your IT maintenance requirements.
Our regular IT Maintenance tasks includes the system updates, deleting corrupted and duplicate files, checking and maintaining the software, anti-virus implementation, hardware and equipment checks and other clean up tasks.

IT Support Solutions

We provide IT Support Solutions that can be tailored according to your needs. The team offers a suitable solution to achieve the the business objectives and projects. We provide you with the most suitable IT solution related to your project with proper resources and expertise.

Managed IT Support

Managed IT services provided by our team includes the monitoring and maintenance of equipment, network monitoring, management of servers, systems management and other services. We help you in removing the work burden and help you meet your IT demand.

Software Support Services

We provide basic and advanced software support services where our technical staffs maintains the software after the completion of your project and supports your software. We provide technical support basically for the software products delivered by us by storing the source code, maintaining the project’s documentation, user manuals and metrics updated.