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Roku TV Application Development

At Lahagora we have a team of proficient app developers who are skilled at crafting Roku apps for live and video streaming of the content. Our Roku TV apps can be used conveniently with the help of remote control. Roku has devices ranging from the 4K Ultra HD Smart TV to affordable Roku sticks and is leading the American market of online media streaming and services. Roku makes it easy and affordable for the viewers to watch their favorite shows from the comfort of their homes.

Roku is a brand of hardware digital media players which is being manufactured by an American company Roku, Inc. It is expanding it's market into Canada, Europe, South America and Mexico. delivering country specific apps to the various channel stores. Roku makes it easy and affordable to watch your favorite TV shows from the comfort of their homes which saves your money as it replaces your expensive cable equipment and setup.

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Our Roku TV Application Development Services

Our OTT Development team at Lahagora is very skilled at creating Roku apps and provides an end to end solutions. Our Roku apps have high amount of efficiency, performance, speed, usability and design. We enable you to manage your media on Roku apps, corporate websites, social sites, smart TVs, and mobile apps as well.
Some of the Roku TV Application Development services provided by us are:-
We develop customized and branded Roku apps that has the tendency to deliver a great experience to the users. In this agile development process ensuring compatibility of the Roku devices with minimal risks.
Our Roku app developers port your application from other platforms to Roku as per the demand. We provide you with a refreshed UI/UX and drive user engagement with Scene Graph.
Our custom Roku API development and integration services enables you to manage all the customer related transactions. These may include the sales, subscriptions, issue of credit, refund, billing cycles and many more. We also integrate the third party service in Roku apps.
Manage media publications on Roku apps and other outlets with our integrated Roku CMS development services. We display and manage the content as per the subscription to upload, sort and publish content on channels. We provide high resolution streaming on the HD, 4K, HDR and stick.

Our Unique Features of Roku App Development

  1. We Provide impeccable streaming on the platforms of HD, 4K, HDR, Roku stick
  2. Audio and video media content support
  3. Enabling users to watch videos or listen to audio content on a subscription basis.
  4. Supporting the latest available Roku version to provide uninterrupted services to users.
  5. Integrating third party APIs to support analytics and advertising ads.
  6. Support for analytics handling.

What language are Roku TV apps written in?

Roku uses the Brightscript coding language which is a Python-like scripting language that is used to develop app/channel for Roku device. If you know Python, it is a lot more easier for you to pick it up. It is a proprietary language used for the development of a Roku app and is not very popular among developers.

Roku App Development Life Cycle

Roku TV App Development Life Cycle

Benefits of Apple TV App Development

1) Huge growth
Roku is one of the popular OTT streaming devices providing all-around entertainment to viewers. With its millions of users, the platform is soon going to become the top-rated streaming device in the world. Develop your own Roku channel so as to take advantage of the growth prescribed by VOD (Video-On-Demand) providers.
2) Largest Streaming Device
Roku is a great platform to reach out to the market and extend it’s services to the millions of households around the globe. In U.S. Roku is already holding 49% of the market share offering it’s OTT services which is high in comparison tot he other OTT streaming devices.
3) Roku direct Publisher
Roku direct publisher is a great tool for the OTT services. It allows launching of the Roku app without entering the single line of code. Every single person can now have their own Roku channel.