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Performance Testing

The performance testing is a very unique software testing technique that is considered as non-functional that determines the speed, stability and responsiveness of an application under the workload. It ensures a great software quality and is often completed with it's process once the code is ready to get released. The goals of our performance testing team is to process speed, data transfer velocity, memory utilization, workload efficiency, app responsiveness with maximum number of users.

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Stages of Performance Testing

  1. Software analysis and requirements preparation
  2. Strategy design
  3. Load generator configuration
  4. Server and load generator monitoring
  5. Test data generation
  6. Load scripts development
  7. Preliminary tests launch
  8. Tests execution
  9. Results analysis and reporting

Types of Performance Testing

There are five main types of performance testing.

  1. Capacity Testing
  2. Load Testing
  3. Volume Testing
  4. Stress Testing
  5. Soak Testing

How to Do Performance Testing?

  1. Identify the Test Environment and Tools
  2. Define Acceptable Performance Criteria
  3. Plan and Design Tests
  4. Prepare Test Environment and Tools
  5. Run the Performance Tests
  6. Resolve and Retest