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Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing is the process by which the applications are developed for the modern mobile devices which are tested regularly for their performance, agility, speed, usability and more. The mobile app testing can either be automated or manual that helps in timely delivering of all the business requirements and customers demands.

Our testers of the mobile apps are well versed with the application usage and their users which makes the mobile app testing experience strong. They regularly checks the user's reviews and feedback of the app on the social media which helps in understanding the performance level of the app and any correction that needs to be done.

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Stages of Mobile Application Testing

  1. Planning
  2. Identify Testing Types
  3. Test Case and Script Design
  4. Manual and Automated Testing
  5. Usability and Beta Testing
  6. Performance Testing
  7. Security and Compliance Testing
  8. Device Testing
  9. Control and Summary

Types of Mobile Testing

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Usability Testing

How to Perform Mobile App Testing

  1. Test your mobile app for checking the compatibility on cross-platform.
  2. Test your app against all possible settings and configurations.
  3. Base your test cases on the type of app you are testing.
  4. Test the GUI of your app thoroughly.
  5. Test your app for back-end/database related functionalities.
  6. Test your app for all positive and negative test cases around storage/memory in use.
  7. Test your app on all types of networks that it may be used on by the users.
  8. Test your mobile app for the user journeys – the path a real user might take while using your app.
  9. Mobile App Automation.
  10. Make sure your app is safe and secure for the users.