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Manual Testing

The manual testing is a software testing process in which the test cases are performed on a manual basis without any automation tool. Such testing process is considered very fundamental to detect the bugs or defects in the software. The app developers after fixing the defects hands over the app to the tester for retesting who at the end generates test case reports manually. The manual testing is the primary stage of any testing that is done before an automated testing but ensures a bug free software.

Our team of manual testers are extremely competent to conduct rigorous testing for you before the app is launched into the app store. Our testers have an expertise in manual testing techniques who ensure that you get an absolute bug free software and smooth app functionality.

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Stages of Manual Testing

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Integration Testing
  3. System Testing
  4. Acceptance Testing

Types of Manual Testing

There are various methods used for manual testing. Each technique is used according to its testing criteria. Types of manual testing are given below:
  1. White Box Testing
  2. Black Box Testing
  3. Gray Box Testing

How to Perform Manual Testing

  1. The tester observes all the documents in relation to the software so that the testing areas could be selected.
  2. The requirements of the customer is being analyzed in order to meet them.
  3. Tester develops the test cases in accordance to the document.
  4. All test cases are manually executed through black box and white box testing.
  5. If any bug occurs the testing team shall inform the development team.
  6. The development team shall fix the bugs and hand over the software to the tester for a retest.