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IOT Smart Home

An implementation of the IOT in the homes and city have led us to become more smarter and quicker. A smart home system helps in conserving the resources and energy which helps in the management of the power control systems like the AC appliances that manages and cuts down the power consumption. In smart home system with IOT a door management system, water management system, security management system becomes a part of it. An IOT embedded smart home system is just like a smartphone.

We develop IOT applications for the home devices that are used in these smart devices inside the homes. This helps the homes to get automated and automatize the house maintenance. We provide an internet access which broadens the scope of a home network.

We can use our apps in your home security cameras through the smartphone or the computer that increases your security. The Apps shall engage you in high participation, communication and engagement. IOT applications can be used even in the cars, homes which requires an automation in the cooling system. It is also used for the lights in the house which gets automatically turned on while you enter the room.

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Benefits of IoT Smart Home Technologies

The IOT based software in the homes makes the homes smarter that has numerous benefits for the consumers and the businesses using this technique.
Some of the benefits of using an IOT Smart home technology are :-
Control and Monitoring
The IOT used in the devices is a way to control and monitor all the processes that takes place inside the home. The fridge, lights, cleaner, air conditioner, fans everything can gets started with an automation with the help of the sensors. The IOT App helps to collect the data from the household work and processes and demonstrates the most significant insights.
Saving Cost and Energy
The smart home system is very efficient and saves the cost as it automatically shuts down the devices which are not in use and reduces the power of consumption. Each device can be optimized of it’s usage and be adjusted to your smart home settings in the most cost effective ways.
Environment Impact
The energy and power savings reduces the adverse effect on the environment and makes it greener and cleaner.
Better Security
The smart home security system is the most effective tool in terms of security of the property as the owner of the house is in complete control of the house. Security cameras, smart locks, smoke detectors, fire alarms and other gadgets can work together to notify when anything goes wrong. One can check from a very remote location also that what is happening inside their house or in their offices.
IOT in the smart homes has made the life of the people very convenient and easy which has made the life more comfortable. The tasks and processes in the home have been simplified due to automation but the control remains exclusively in the hands of the owner of the house.

Features of IOT Smart Home

A smart home is based on the automation system that allows the people to control the security, lighting and entertainment at home through computers or phones. It is also incorporating the automation intelligence and machine learning to add detectors and voice recognition for optimizing the consumption. It generates greater value for the smart home.
Some of the awesome features of the Smart Home are :-
Smart Energy Consumption
The Smart home system monitors and optimizes the energy consumption rate. It encourages the optimum utilization of resources by cutting down the energy costs. This acts as the perfect solution for the energy efficient solution and sustainability in the environment.
Intelligent Detection and Water Management
The smart home system has an intelligent system to manage the waste and water through message alerts and voice alerts. This ensures an effective house, water and waste management that helps in saving the expenses and reduces the water wastage. It helps in retaining the climatic conditions and atmosphere.
Security System
A fully automated Smart home system helps in boosting the safety and get timely alerts for any suspicious activity that may take place. When the owner is away it shall help in keeping a watch of the house premises and rooms through the cameras. It ensures a great amount of security for the family members as they can easily avoid any future theft and burglary by reporting to the officials or authority.
Smoke Detection and Alerts
The smart home with smoke detector and alerts ensures a safety of the home members and guests. As there is fume detection or smoke it immediately alerts the fire detectors. The alerts will help you evacuate to safety until the fire department or relevant authorities have resolved either fire or smoke problems.
Home Automation
Your home automation allows you to control every single process that takes inside your smart home. You can control lighting, entertainment, appliances, gadgets and also increase efficiency and save energy with this system.

What We Offer For IOT Smart Home?

Smart home is the new concept which is grabbing the attention of all the businesses around the globe. We use the easy to use apps for these smart homes that can control the lighting, security, door locks, door bells wireless cameras etc. The appliances and devices are remotely controlled through the connected devices using network. We help you to control everything at your home on fingertips through the voice commands as people are increasingly becoming fitness enthusiasts. you can now turn on your lights and play music at the tap of your smartphone.
Some of the features that shall become part of your IOT Smart Home Application are :-
Run Personalized Schedules
You can have a proper schedule set for the day as it will be notified to you automatically when you leave for the work. Your bathing water can be heated in advance along with your morning coffee be prepared before you wake up. This shall give you the true sense of intelligence and living life in the future.
Talk to Your Home
You can even talk to your home with the help of a virtual voice assistant and can even order food and groceries.
Wireless Configuration
Our entire system is completely wireless, so no added cost of internal wiring.
Online Support
We’ll be with you, through out your smart home journey, available via chat or email.