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IOT Embedded Software

An Embedded software is the most popular software development which is considered as the most reliable software by the multiple businesses. It provides highly scalable and cost effective service to the users. This software helps in enhancing the performance of our apps that maintains the standards and practices of the software development process.

The Embedded software is incorporated in the hardware or the non-PC devices. It is written for a particular hardware that it runs on has processing and memory restrictions. Some of the embedded software is found in the calculators, factory robots, GPS devices, smart watches etc.

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Process We Follow

  1. Product Planning
  2. Analysis
  3. Testing and Deployment
  4. Care and Maintenance

Features of Embedded Software

An embedded software is the part of the embedded system that also needs an operating system to control it. An embedded system comprises of the hardware, software and the operating system for controlling the software.
Some of the features of an embedded software are :-
  1. It offers high reliability and stability in performance.
  2. It is developed around a real-time operating system.
  3. Requires minimum user interface.
  4. Designed for a specific task.
  5. Low cost, less power consumption with limited memory.
  6. No need for secondary memory in the computer.
  7. Easy and diskless operation.

Services Of Embedded Software Development

Lahagora offers an embedded software development service that creates, tests and validates the solutions for the various platforms. We design robust embedded software, firmware, middleware, and hardware systems using our deep domain experience and process-oriented approaches.
Embedded OS And BSP Development
We help you to select the suitable development software for hardware and application that keeps your business motives on track. It is a support package for the custom hardware. Our experts holds immense knowledge and expertise in the operating systems. We offer the best appropriate choice of embedded OS and environments for a wide array of hardware product features and platforms.
Firmware Development
Our software developers supports and monitors systems whenever it is required. Firmware development values every device and product and implements the hardware system sleekly. Our developers have good knowledge on the hardware design and development and internal and external processes. We provide the best firmware development applications by using innovative user interfaces.
Middleware and API Development
The embedded software helps to track, support networks to the hardware. This software is highly scalable and dependable for adaptability and development. It offers many back end development and provides a great computer software for multiple usage. A middleware layer with predefined API’s is used to achieve higher-layer application code portability.
Device Driver Development
Our developers uses the custom drivers for the computer hardware. A device driver is used when surface development is required. Our Device Driver Development team can analyze custom hardware and develop the device driver and software package required to optimize both the development process and the end behavior of the customer’s product.

What We Offer in IOT Embedded Software?

Lahagora has a team of skilled expertise who have technical knowledge with a deeper insights regarding the software development. We uses the latest tools and technologies for building the customized designs for the embedded system and it runs on the operating and non-operating programs. We provide the application development for the devices and provide multiple development models that engages the customers and is applicable to every system.
We offer a high quality embedded software development and products where our skilled experts uses their knowledge and expertise to stand out in the market. We provide several other IOT and embedded software solutions.