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HTML5 Game Development

Building the web game using HTML5 is one of the most best options for the mobile browsers as it delivers high performance with few tests. The game development is very quick in this which requires consistent research work on the latest technology, trends and strategies in the market to deliver the best services.

HTML5 is majorly used by the web developers and game development companies like us. This has many unique features like the 2D and 3D graphics, offline storage and audio APIs. We prefer the HTML5 for our game development because it provides speed and agility with debugging process done in less time and updates the game almost immediately. These games can be viewed on our browsers that has increased the customer base and demand for this.

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What We Offer

  1. Technological Expertise
    At Lahagora we have HTML5 game developers who have strong expertise and knowledge of HTML5 and have worked with the top game engines, technologies and framework. They can develop HTML5 games of different kinds.
  2. Team of Experienced Testers
    We have a QA team that allows only the best testing resources and with this the issue of bug fixing is done. It ensures that the game is supported by all the browsers and platforms improving the performance of the app and function.
  3. Expert Game Designers
    We have game designers who creates unique game designs and documents for the games of different genres. They create a great user experience by working on the multiple platforms.
  4. Secured Idea
    We keep your game idea safe and secured with us and also take every possible precautions to keep it safe. We share the details of the game only with our game developers team during the game development process as it is highly confidential.

HTML5 Game Development Life Cycle

Why Choose HTML5 Game Development?

HTML5 games are capable of running smoothly across all the platforms in order to meet all the needs and aspirations of the gamers.
The hyperlinks of HTML5 can be easily distributed across mobile devices and web for better user experience.
It helps in reflecting the interaction of the elements within HTML. It helps in quick creation of HTML5 games.
It helps in providing methods for presenting definite elements in full screen mode. It also facilitates in exiting full screen mode when it is no longer required. Although it has no interface of its own, but still enhances various interfaces for adding properties, methods, event handlers to enable full screen functionality.
HTML5 offers versatile and powerful system to control audio on the web. In this way it allows developers to select audio sources, create audio visualization, add effects to audio, apply spatial effects such as panning etc.

Advantages of HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 Game Development has numerous advantages due to which most of the developers prefers it for developing games and it also provides a better browsing experience to the users. The HTML5 games offers a transparent user experience, amazing visual effects to the game with reduced plugin dependence with a user interface.
Some of the advantages of HTML5 games are :-
HTML5 runs on multiple platforms
HTML5 is perfect for the next generation of browser-based video games and is supported across the different platforms which understands the HTML5 language. the HTML5 games does not need to be installed and can be played with an internet access that allows the publishers to attract high number of players towards the HTML5 games.
Efficient monetization
With HTML5 games the face of the gaming industry has changed tremendously with some services to incorporate reward video ads is a smart step to take. There is an impressive success rate of 71% puts reward video ads at the top of successful mobile game monetization methods.
Minimal Resources
The HTML5 games is played online it requires speed and requires quick loading and runs while playing and requires very less resources. The players can get faster gaming experience with no delay in game loading and speed.
Simple Application Updates
The application gets automatically updated and does not need to be updated manually and whosoever accesses the video game finds the application already updated. The updates are simple which only requires an internet connection for the HTML5 games due to which it is preferred by most of the game development companies.
Cost-efficient game development
The maximum number of game developers knows the HTML5 and are consistently working with it which allows the game development process to be quick and easy. It is also a cost efficient and cheaper way of game development.