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Expert QA Consultation

A quality assurance consultation involves the advising of the company on maintenance procedures and mandatory regulations and guidelines. The QA team also tests all plans and systems and coordinate with teams in detecting defects and designing of test automation systems for validation.

Our QA team systematically creates an environment to ensure that the software product is able to meet all the requirements of the users. It provides a proper method and standard for producing product in the quality environment. Our focus is mainly on the standardization of the processes and procedures for the app development. It is a set of activities designed to evaluate the process by which products are manufactured.

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Stages of QA Process

  1. Requirements analysis
  2. Test planning
  3. Test design
  4. Test execution and defect reporting
  5. Retesting and regression testing
  6. Release testing

Types of Software Quality Assurance Tools

Various QA tools help with quality assurance. There are different QA tools required for different purposes. For comprehensive software quality assurance, we will need a different kind of tool which is also known as QA software. The types of software quality assurance tools are :-
  1. Infrastructure
  2. Code Reviews
  3. Testing
  4. Monitoring and Analytics

How to Perform API Testing Automation

  1. Setup your Postman Environment Files.
  2. Create your First Test & Run It.
  3. Run tests from command line.