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Complaint Management

We include the complaint management system which acts as the part of our customer service process. We effectively handle the customer grievances and incase of any misfortune we also compensate them. This complete process of customer grievance handling enables an effective complaint management system. Our customer handling skills and complaint management ensures that the unsatisfied customers can be turned in our favor with minimum effort.

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Monitor Service Activities

The Monitor Service Activity is done by our experts who monitors the services on computer which helps us to take corrective actions when the services unintentionally gets shut down. This helps us to keep a close track and monitor the customer complaint handling activities. Complaint management software organizes the process and offer tools to monitor the complaint at every step till its resolution and keep the conversation for future reference.

Complain Priority

We are well aware of the fact that complaints from the customers are at the highest priority for any business. There are mainly five types of complaints from the side of customers which is influenced due to different needs, beliefs and attitudes. Considering customers and their needs as the priority makes your business smooth and efficient in the long run. We prioritize and value your customers complaints and deal with them at first instance.

Complain Allocation

Within the complaint management software we segregate out the complaints according to the severity of the complaints nature which ranges from low to high. This is called complaint allocation. This helps our team to concentrate on the high priority zone in order to resolve the complaints.

Problems & Resolutions

Our team can easily manage and resolve customer complaints quickly that has a direct relationship with the business processes and reputation. For this a policy is made by the company and then you can create a procedure for handling complaints which must be easy to understand and followed by the staff. For directly resolving the problems one need to first identify the problem or issue of the customers. The procedure shall include the following steps:
  1. Listening to the complaint
  2. Recording the details of the complaint
  3. Getting the facts right
  4. Discussing ways or options to fic the problem of the client
  5. Acting quickly on the said proposal to solve the issue
  6. Keeping up with the promises
  7. Follow up procedure