Why hire only an Indian Android App Developer

Flexible with Various Technologies

Our developers are renowned worldwide for their technical expertise. They are well-versed in using a variety of technologies, with a focus on Android. Elsewhere, app development is language and platform-specific. Our Indian Application Developers, however, are proficient in a range of languages and platforms, making them ideal for cross-platform app development. Their extensive knowledge and experience in Android App Development make them a top choice for clients around the globe.

App Developers in India are Affordable

Securing an appropriate budget before searching for app developers is essential for businesses. Indian developers are renowned for their financial and proficient services, offering premium Android applications at a reduced price. Their broad knowledge and research proficiency make them stand out from other developers globally, guaranteeing a great return on your investment.

Outsourcing Options from India

India stands out as a top choice for outsourcing app development projects. With the latest technologies and IT revenue growth projected to reach its peak, India is a prime destination for app development companies.

India Has Tremendous IT Talents

India’s IT sector is brimming with talent, as numerous graduates from esteemed engineering colleges emerge yearly. Multinational companies, including Google and Microsoft, are recruiting these Indian IT graduates. Moreover, India is a leader in Android app development and continues to progress.

Indian IT Companies Offers Quality Standards

Indian app development companies possess great competence in providing global-level standards. 75% have CMM (Capability Maturity Model) certification, and most ISO-certified organizations worldwide are from India. Additionally, Indian app development companies consistently meet all quality benchmarks, including Six Sigma Quality Certification, Total Quality Management, and COPC.

Multiple Locations for Indian App Development Companies

India’s IT industries have multiple headquarters in cities such as Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. These businesses focus on up-to-date technologies for their services and have a sound infrastructure for developing applications.

As an established Android app development company, we craft cutting-edge applications with many features and advanced functionality. Our end products exceed expectations while providing unparalleled user experiences.

Some of the Android Development Services offered by our developer’s team are:-
  1. Android UI/UX Design
  2. Custom Android App Development
  3. Android Game Development
  4. Android App Integration
  5. Android Wear Development
  6. Android App Consultation
  7. Android Application Testing
  8. Android App Migration
  9. Application Maintenance and Support

Technology Stack of Lahagora

As a renowned Android app development company, we are proficient in the newest technology, allowing us to create apps that completely satisfy our clients’ expectations.

Android applications can be written in Kotlin, Java, and C++, as well as HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and other programming languages through the Android software development kit (SDK). However, this opens up many possibilities for app developers of all skill levels.
Development Tools
  • Android Studio
  • Android-IDE
  • Corona SDK
  • Xamarin
  • PhoneGap
  • Ionic
  • React Native
Android SDK
  • Titanium Mobile SDK

Why You Should Hire Android App Developers Only From Lahagora?

At Lahagora, we boast a team of highly-capable, experienced application developers dedicated to providing complete solutions. Here are some compelling reasons why your organization should consider enlisting android app developers from our firm:

  1. Dedicated and Professional team of certified developers and testers
  2. 24/7 Customer, technical, inbound, and outbound support
  3. Data Protection and security
  4. Scalable and viable Mobile Apps
  5. QA expert team
  6. Source Code Authorization
  7. No hidden charges, transparent service
  8. Low prices
  9. User-friendly app features
  10. Timely Delivery
  11. Resilient Environment
  12. Flexibility to adapt new app modifications
  13. Customized to user’s needs and expectations
  14. End-to-End Mobile Application Development Solution
  15. 875+ successful projects
  16. 100% customer satisfaction

Expertise and Experience in the Android App Development

  1. Seamless Apps

    Our experienced developers provide apps that are free of bugs and well-maintained. They develop optimized code that is reliable and runs smoothly on Android devices.

  2. Dedicated Developers

    Our team of highly dedicated and experienced developers provides quality services with complete transparency.

  3. Latest Development Tools

    At Lahagora, our experienced developers are proficient in the latest technologies and tools, allowing us to deliver superior Android app development solutions.

  4. Competitive Pricing

    Our Android app pricing model offers an economical option to meet your client’s requirements, combining affordable rates with superior app development services.

  5. Customer Satisfaction

    Our company strives to reach 100% customer satisfaction by continuously improving and updating our services. Our expert developers and testers use the latest tools to create secure, scalable, and user-friendly Android apps that meet our client’s needs.

  6. Consultancy Services
    Our experienced consultants provide transparent advice and services to help you with any app-building project queries you may have.