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Lahagora Pvt Ltd, an IT Service Company in Surat, provides professional and cost-effective solutions to businesses worldwide. We specialize in creating visually captivating applications, such as mobile apps and websites, that generate engaging user experiences. Our team has extensive expertise in delivering innovative OTT and IoT app development services. With us, your vision will be brought to fruition - from conception to completion.

At Lahagora, we understand that the success of your business depends on the quality and functionality of the software and applications utilized to run it. That is why we adhere to a rigorous process in developing our projects to provide compelling interests with innovative features. We endeavor to ensure all our efforts meet this standard while demonstrating commitment towards excellence and dedication towards client satisfaction.

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We Rely On Customers For their Guidance on App Development and Streaming Solutions!

Our skillful developers, designers, testers, and strategists combine experience with innovation to provide software solutions uniquely tailored to our client's needs. We strive for excellence to provide the best service possible by using various expertise, from up-to-date platforms to more established technologies that offer the best solutions for our clients.

Our staff is devoted to providing unparalleled products and services, crafting a tailored approach for our clients to maximize their gain from any solutions. We have extensive experience developing mobile applications and websites. Our portfolio comprises projects from various industries, including e-commerce platforms, OTT providers, finance firms, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, which shows our expertise in multiple sectors.

At Lahagora, we are committed to providing innovative and enthralling websites and mobile apps that provide our clients with an intuitive and satisfying experience. Our solutions deliver unparalleled usability, reliability, and security, ensuring users' satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. We aim to cultivate an atmosphere that meets the expectations of both small businesses and large enterprises. Working closely with them will ensure that every solution meets their expectations.

Our team is devoted to providing unparalleled products and services, crafting a tailored approach for our clients to maximize their gain from any solutions.

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Most common question about our services

What is your time zone??

Our time area is IST or UTC +5:30. We are positioned in Surat, India.

Are the developers, employees of your company??

Yes the developers are very much part of our organization. We have a team of expert professional developers who develop game, iOS, android apps by using latest tools and technologies. You can even hire them for your app development project at reasonable rate.

Can I hire more than one programmer??

Yes, you can definitely hire more than one programmer at a time and their price for hiring is provided on our company's official website or page.